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Why therapy ?

It's hard to find meaning in your current situation or in your relationships.


perhaps you feel depressed, anxious or you are experiencing panic attacks.


you may be experiencing a bereavement, illness or job loss.


you feel disappointed with life, or life feels out of control and impossible to gain a sense of moderation.


you might be suffering from a particular trauma or it could be that the world seems like a frightening place and out of control.


you may be going through a painful divorce or feeling isolated.

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A way forward

"Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge". 

                                                              ~ Eckhart Tolle ~


Whether you are feeling anxious, depressed or confused by your feelings,

or even have the sense that you don't know what your feelings are,

counselling and psychotherapy can help.


If a person is supported and encouraged to participate in the recounting of their troubled thoughts, and experiences, an opportunity to 'see' with a greater understanding and a deeper insight arises. 


This participation goes a long way towards enabling change to come about. The process of therapy can help contribute positively to a person’s physical health, develop a sense of well-being and manage relationships more effectively.

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