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D & Z - couples therapy - 2023 


we are lucky to have found you to navigate the path in front of us. You were insightful, fair, gentle, and most of all, caring. That came out loud and clear many times in our sessions. 


At the same time, you were the consummate professional, unflappable, and many times very generous with your time going past allotted time.  Many a time, on the fly, you would apply theories to our situation at hand, which made much sense to me. It was helpful. And as I said before, I always appreciated it your “gentle bluntness”. 


I am so grateful we found you! As you said this is one of the hardest things either one of us has gone through and we are both dealing with our own pain. We needed someone with empathy and understanding and a clear view of our personalities and you saw both of us within the first fifteen minutes when we met. I will never forget what you said. And we both knew right away that you were the right person for us.

thank you for your insight and your honesty and your support. We really appreciate it.



Sarah 2023 

You helped me through many dimensions in my life, some were very traumatic and I could have never done the good work on myself without you. You gave me so many keys to get out from my shadows, from my fears, from my deep sadness. Many times I believed my depression was going to last forever and you helped me to get free from my own nightmare. You gave me time, patience, understanding, kindness, care and much more than I could have ever hoped to get in my life.

I lost hope hundred times in life and in people, but you proved me hundred times that I was wrong to be stuck in my negative thoughts.

During these last years I grew up psychologically and my vision of life is much more sereine than my past beliefs. I know I will have to keep going the work, life is an experience, I am ready to face it. It feels like if I was in a dark room looking for the switch, and now I can light up the room whenever I feel it’s too dark.


And still can’t believe I did a therapy in English… 

Thank you, 




JB - 2023

I’m super happy with the outcome. I feel like a completely different person! Thank you for helping me take ownership of this situation, I’m so proud to have pushed myself over a hurdle which has been at the forefront of my mind for 2 years.


Having previously worked with a CBT therapist, I had some trepidation about psychotherapy.

Upon our first meeting, Lindsey showed remarkable insight about not only my inner workings, but also in framing how she foresaw our sessions working given my personality type.

I worked with Lindsey for over a year, and I still marvel at how much she helped me work through my issues and better understand my current emotional and mental state.

I cannot recommend psychotherapy enough, as one treats the root cause rather than symptomatic behaviour. Lindsey was an intuitive therapeutic partner that set clear boundaries (which I needed), showed an uncanny ability to read when I was flagging, and coaxed revelations out of me that were, to me, absolutely astounding.



25 February 2019

Before meeting Lindsey Thurlow I had never been to therapy before. I was going through a number of life changes and Lindsey was a great support during our time working together. She listened to me without judgement and offered sound advice on career development, lifestyle improvements as well as taught me techniques that helped me get through stress/anxiety.

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25 February 2019

Working with Lindsey Thurlow at the City of London Therapy Centre was a real joy. Throughout the 12 months of therapy Lindsey was extremely professional and warm-hearted. At no point was I judged or made to feel embarrassed by any of the things we discussed. The therapy sessions were well structured and it really helped me work through my personal challenges at the time.I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone who is thinking of starting therapy.  

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I’ve worked with Lindsey for 5+ years, and of all the therapists I have worked with in the past, Lindsey is by far the best. Through her insightful guidance and unwavering support, we have worked through anxiety, depression, eating disorders, heartaches, loss, and traumas. It’s been one hell of a journey peeling away the layers to connect to my inner self. Today I’m more balanced, healthy and content than ever. Lindsey is extremely professional, wise, patient, sincere and honest. If you’re looking to heal yourself, I highly highly highly recommend you try therapy with her. You won’t regret it!If you would like to ask me any questions of my experience with Lindsey, I’m happy to respond.

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